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A rather well-done set but, with Aislin, how could it not be otherwise? The problem I have with it is that overall, the focus in the set's not as sharp as it could/should be. If you look at Aislin's eyes in frames #s 6 & 8 for instance, either one or both of them aren't in sharp focus and although the "focus" as it were, was on other things, I'm sorry, any time you have a relative close-up of a face, the eyes should be in sharp focus.

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Thats ok, sometimes sh!t happens but those images you pointed out are not close-ups at all. Hope #39 will be a compensation for you.

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It was (and is) as is all of your work with Aislin. Just happened to notice the thing about the eyes and thought I'd mention it.

In days long gone by when I was working, there was no auto-focus on film-based cameras and we were always drilled in to shooting tack-sharp eyes. Now, in the "digital age", what with all the new wiz-bangs on every camera, I guess a photographer really shouldn't be faulted if some part of a frame or two out of every set doesn't get quite the focus that they want.

Still, you do great work and I always look forward to your new offerings.

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Unfortunately, modern cameras (even the best ones) are still not taught to focus right in the low light conditions, so the percent of bad images grows. That is the situation when you have to decide is it still worth to publish them OR not!

BTW where is my Yorick?

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