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hope 2 c more of the split. more fingers the merrier.

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Greetings Alla and welcome, your appearance here is an extreme pleasure. It's always special when a new model appears, but Alla , it is extra special when a new model as lovely and beautiful as you are appears. May you be happy, well, and enjoy your wonderful work modeling. :)
Funny , I was going to suggest Arkisi, that maybe do a themed set like a school girl set, with the little plaid skirt and all, this came pretty darn close to what I was thinking. ;)

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Arkisi, it's getting more and more difficult to enjoy your sets with all the fingers lately. I really want to enjoy this set but it's hard to see Alla's pretty parts, those things we don't get to see on a girl everyday.

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Sorry for you and relax, this is Eternaldesire :>)

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I know you have to produce masturbation sets for SexArt (and I assume MetArtX now) but it is a disappointment to find them here.

I got so sick and tired of American porn where the model has to be touching her pussy in every shot or spreading it or putting fingers in. It's frustrating because I want to see that part of her, not her fingers.

You do what you have to do, Arkisi. But understand some of us were happy with the way your sets used to be.

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Just a curious observation on my part as to your statement _fer_.

With what you've voiced here about the "obstructed view", I'm curious as to what your feelings are/were about the "EXPLICIT" set with Elizabeth L. Do toys & appliances fall into the same category as fingers?

Jes wonderin'...

As for THIS set with Alla... the glasses paired with the "schoolgirl" set are a refreshing change of pace, Arkisi and I think Alla pulls it off really well (if that's what was intended).

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I can't speak for_ Fer_, but understand where he's coming from. Now I liked this set of Alla, maybe a couple more unobstructed, enticing spread shots could have made it even better.
Today MA had a set of Noreen, not a huge fan of her, BUT, that photo set had many very seductive and enticing poses, which I like a lot, and think is very much the type of poses _fer_ is wanting to see more of.
I have been trying the different MA sites since I first joined not long ago.
Sex Art had some great movies without a doubt, but, I found the photo sets to be for the most part lacking, and to me Photos are still King, needless to say I didn't renew my subscription. MA also had a special, so I tried Al's Scan, and Holly Randall.
But Al's scan, I'm just Not into seeing girls stick various foreign objects into their pussies, again, after I write this I am canceling both. Toys work in video Only, not in stills.

Rylsky, SexArt, Al's scan, and, Holly Randall, didn't make the cut with me and are or will be dumped.
Met Art has such a huge library, and such great variety, and Eternal Desire, I really really like Arkisi's work, love most all of his models, some too much :)
Sure there are some sets that didn't hit the mark with me, same at MA, but, overall, Eternal Desire is a winner with me and don't expect that to change.
Especially if there's a new set of Selina coming soon ;)

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Basically Arkie, for me, much like what Randycat says, masturbation and pussy play don't work well for me in photos.

I like to see masturbation videos from time to time, but it doesn't translate to still photos.

Like I told Arkisi, I got so fed up with American porn mags because even though the girls were pretty they had to have their fingers in every shot. Spreading and penetration don't work for me in still photos.

That is why I was so happy to discover MA, and at first the "family" sites followed the same general aesthetic ~ presenting the beautiful models in frequently explicit photos, but with no touching of the genitals and no penetration.

Now, Arkisi seems to be converting EternalDesire to a masturbation site ~ witness Gracie's set tonight as yet another example ~ and, like Randycat's experience with SexArt's photosets (which I agree with) they just don't do anything for me.

Sadly, I'm not finding EternalDesire satisfying anymore because of all the masturbation photosets.

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