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Apparently it's just too much to ask for the girls to show up clean... The bath should have been BEFORE the photo session. Apologies if my expectations are too high...

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Rock, WTF are you talking about??? Do you just not like bath shoots?? Or are you speaking specifically of Colleen?? If the later, I cannot find anything to substantiate your comment on Colleen. Maybe you should clean your screen before you bitch about what isn't there !!!

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Rock, some day they're gonna make a movie, about me and you. They're gonna call it "Grumpy Old Men."

Oh, wait.....

( ;

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LOL "Grumpy Old Men II - Mother Nature's Revenge"...???

And if there's any girls in it, I'll demand a pre-production inspection of said girls! ;o)

As I go through and "weed' my collection, I'm seeing very few of the girls are "sparkling clean".... I'm concluding that "personal hygiene" is NOT a high priority in the Old World... Even some of my very favorites are a bit lax in their attention to this..."detail"... Very disappointing.

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Prior to the second half of the 20th Century, very few Americans showered or bathed daily, Rock, and most of the rest of the world never did agree to that standard.

Think of it... the human race did entirely fine for literally hundreds of thousands of years without daily bathing! Just imagine that! LOL

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Ok fer... Here we

"Prior to the second half of the 20th century", our lifespan was about 45-60. Did awareness and practice of "personal hygiene" have anything to do with changing that...?? Who knows or can say for sure, but I'm pretty sure that it had "something' to do with it. And I'm also pretty sure that "bathing" has little to do with keeping your bottom clean on a daily basis. And I wasn't talking to or about the general population, I was talking about "nude models" showing up to photo sessions with nasty looking bottoms. If you think this is excusable, that's your opinion and you're entirely within your right to express it. But like you, I like to fantasize about licking certain of the girls we see here and when I encounter "conditions" such as the subject I address, it's a pretty big turn-off, at least to me. I don't go for this showering every day thing either, but these girls need to pay closer attention to how clean they are "everywhere" when posing as they do for a camera. This is also a big reason for my preference of shaving, and shaving "everywhere" helps keep "things" a lot cleaner...if you catch my meaning...;o) And don't forget...."Save water....Shower with a Friend" !! ;o)

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