Eternal Desire
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VERY slow download - it would be faster to download each image manually (if I had the patience to do so)

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wow... brunette beauty.... rocking body... those boobs are amazing !!!! very nice Debora :)

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Not quite sure how or what to feel about this set. On the one hand, Debora has a really sharp, tight little body that she quite obviously doesn't have any qualms about sharing with us.

On the other hand, the glacial expression on her face leaves me wondering just exactly what's going on. A smile or two scattered throughout the set would've gone a long way towards warming things up quite a bit.

I DO like the later photographs of her on the bright wood floor with the outside light being used as a counterpoint to her poses on the floor but again, the lack of a smile of any sort just leaves me a bit cold in terms of the whole set.

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The answer in short: the brackets...

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