Eternal Desire
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"Erecto" Sounds like such a fitting name for this set because Gracie has certainly given me one...............She's yummy!

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Top of the range SuperGirl. Ultrafemme. Delicious Adorable Delightful. Brilliant Elegant Beautiful. SO happy to have lots of galleries of Gracie. Hope to find myself posting a great big thank you for lots of videos real soon too.
Gracie's sexy ballerina appearance over at MA some months ago was a huge light up around here,and SURELY it is time for another? In anticipation expectantly presuming,I hope very soon.

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Fingers fingers fingers


Oh well, I know some members really enjoy that stuff.

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Uh... not to be too politically UN-correct, but I'd bet you'd be whistling another tune altogether if they were YOUR fingers... or even if you were there in person during the shoot. ;-)

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Oh yer darn tootin' about that, Arkie!

It's just, I can see a pretty girl's fingers any day of the week. I work with plenty of pretty girls and I can see their fingers anytime I'd like. But I don't get to see their ~ strategic zones. So I don't like to see my view of the models' strategic zones blocked by fingers ~ especially with one of my favorite models like Gracie. Who, BTW, has very pretty fingers. (:

I expect tons of interfering fingers at SA, but ED used to be a relatively finger-free zone like MA, so I'm having a difficult time adjusting.

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Glad it turns your "comments" ON :((

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