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Just putting it out there, no complaints , no gripes intended, just stating what I , if I were the photographer would be striving for, total seduction from clothed to nude.
Seduction to me begins with the eyes, and this is something that really drew me to Arkisi's work, look at Loretta, Colleen, Zsanett, Clarice, KIka, just to name a few. Arkisi captures the eyes so beautifully, you are immediately drawn into the girl and the fantasy begins. From there , the attraction should build as she exposes more and more of herself, never losing that eye contact drawing you closer and closer, wanting more and more. Totally naked she still arouses your senses with enticing body magic, spreading on her back,stomach, side, putting her lovely ass in the air, driving you mad to want to be there, to kiss, lick, taste, caress and love every bit of the girl, And able to imagine in the end, a satisfied look on her face, that says "I loved it too"
That to me is what we should be ultimately shooting for, total seduction by the models photos, that totally captivates the viewer, promoting some sort of connection to produce an enjoyable, and pleasurable experience viewing each photo.
This set of Gracie is one dimension, it says , Hi I'm masturbating, I'll be with you when I finish, No connection for the viewer, and there Has to be a connection for a set to work.
I want to be seduced and let a beautiful fantasy be born.
Just my opinion, not complaining, just stating some thoughts.

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Well _fer_... maybe not ALL the time, but enough lately that it seems to be getting a bit repetitive. Seems like one vice is being traded for another set of vices.

Offhand though Arkisi, generally, your expected well-done work... with the exception of one thing. Why where the first page of photos so off-ballancedly orange? I realize the orange towel/throw contributed to _some_ of it but, those photos, as compared to the rest of the set _are_ markedly off-color.

And, quite frankly, as our friend _fer_realz_ has noted, a rather high uptick in masturbation-related photos lately seems to have invaded your site. Is this going to be the "norm" from here on out?

Don't get me wrong, for the most part, your work is impeccable in execution and generally of superior content and/or style but this trend towards a high number of masturbation shots is, at least to me, disturbing to say the least. Is there any reason why the site seems to be going this way?

Thanks for your efforts though.

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Oh, don't worry - this is just because SA stop taking masturbation sets (temporarily)

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Are you submitting them to MetArtX instead, Arkisi? I would think they would need a fairly strong stream of masturbation material. Isn't that what MetArtX is about?

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Yes, it was. But not now - they just take videos (which I keep for ED).

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Wait... you're saying that neither SexArt NOR MetArtX are taking masturbation photosets?

SexArt just published a masturbation photoset tonight, and almost all their photosets are solo masturbation.

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Please, donĀ“t confuse PUBLISHING and TAKING i.e. buying, my friend ;)

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That doesn't make any sense, Arkisi. If they want to keep publishing photosets, then they have to keep buying them.

Are they converting to all-video format? No photosets at all?

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QED ~ the new EternalDesire... all masturbation/penetration/fingers, all the time.

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