Eternal Desire
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Li likes bananas, you say?

Li really, really likes bananas?


I wanna be a banana.

I really, really wanna be Li's banana. (:

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'Bout par _fer_ da course... you got (banana) mush _fer_ branes. ;-)

On the positive side... well... there's just really no positive side... I was jes' tryin' to give it a positive spin...

But mind my words now _Furry_... no monkeyin' around...

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Hey, what can I say? Li mush-ifies my brain! She really does!

Li Moon made me do it!

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Recall the scene in a movie where W.C. Fields was a train conductor dealing with a woman who had an unruly child who was bothering the train's passengers and said something like "If madam would follow me to the dining car maybe we can get you a complimentary meal - and maybe we can find a banana for your little monkey."?

Oooh-oooh eee-eee aah-aah

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On a more contemporary note... Li Moon has one of the most well... almost zaftig bodies I've ever had the opportunity of viewing. But of course, at her tender age... well, what else would you expect?

The only down-side I can think of is that she looks like she just might have one of those really high-pitched squeaky voices that I really can't take. You know the kind I mean - the ones that sound like fingernails on a blackboard?

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With me, it's a gestalt thing. For the most part, if I like a girl, if she's attractive and has a great personality, then her voice will probably strike me as charming no matter what it sounds like. Her voice is only going to bother me if she's got an awful personality and I can't stand being around her anyway.

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