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Another Lovely set of Sweet petite Li Moon, such a charming beauty she is.

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Surely it cannot be possible for one as sexy as Li Moon to be so cute and adorable as well? It seems that it must violate some law of physics for the two to coexist simultaneously at such high levels in one person!

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I will be eternally sorry for having said this but image #20... I cannot possibly imagine how um... er... soft and squishy Li Moon's breasts could possibly be. In certain images i.e. #s 6 & 19, they appear to be of the firmest construction possible... but I know that can't possibly be true. They are, for want of a better term, outstanding. And so is the smile that she sports constantly. A kind of fuller-breasted version of Nikia or Jeff Milton.

This young woman just reeks with a happy/playful mood about her.

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I agree. You have to wonder what these girls would be like to be around them for a while and get to know what they are really like. Of course they are just human and have their imperfections like everyone else.
Some of the most beautiful girls I dated in college were the biggest bitches when you got to know them.

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Beauty kills, verdad?

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