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This is probably the most subdued sets these two stars have done together.
And Mr. Arkisi has 'dropped the ball' on at least 3 occasions.
Li Moon is a Babe - (see Arkie2 above).
The set is too small - (see Randycat above).
And Li Moon is too naked. (My opinion).
A Babe like Li Moon should ALWAYS be presented in sexy lingerie. Street-walkers don't arrive at your hotel/motel door stark naked. They Love to strip - and arrive seductively dressed - again, my limited knowledge:)
So, point one, Li Moon is a Babe, but way too undressed.
Secondly, there can never be enough images of Li Moon.
And THIRDLY, Mr. Arkisi threw a 'wet blanket' over the set when in closed.
When a set comes to a close, it should end with a BANG!!! - a la Tony Murano.
Tony used to close his sets with a butterfly shot. Mr. Arkisi should have closed this set with an in-focus body-shot, waving, then a close-up of her butterfly, also in focus.
I have a deep regard for Mr. Arkisi - one of the few remaining Artists on this site. But he doesn't utilise underwear enough, nor close his sets with enough OOOOMPH!!

Withstanding all of that, I'll NEVER tire of Mr. Arkisi's work, nor his ability to get his models to react to the job at hand.

THANK YOU both, for entertaining us thus far:)

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Maybe a little short in shots, but oh so very sweet !! Li Moon is always such a delight, she never fails to tantalize me or seduce me with her eyes and smile.
Mila Azul and Li Moon, could I chose just one??? No, I love them both, each of them awesome in their own ways.

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What a babe.

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