Eternal Desire
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The last photo is priceless. The perfect end to the set.

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Li Moon may be looking through her jewelry box, but the real gem, the precious jewel, is her herself. When Li Moon flashes that wonderful smile, there is no diamond, no jewel, that sparkles and shines brighter than her.
I've said it before, I don't know if they have awards for this genre, but if they do, I would vote Arkisi, best photographer, and it would be between Li Moon and Mila Azul for best new model of 2016, both of whom I consider Arkisi girls for his early and continued work with them. I mean that as a sincere and true compliment, to Arkisi, Li Moon and Mila Azul, kudos to all of you !!! : )

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Lovely and enthusiastic as always. One of my favourite models. My only complaint is that it took too long for her remove that outfit.

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