Eternal Desire
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Lovely Lillian leaves me longing to lick those luscious labia... Beautiful girl...excellent set!
And in my book, absolutely perfect titties!!

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Lascivious literary alliteration leaves little to those of limited libidnal license.

Agree with you about the breasts ... nice small ones and topped with wonderful, small, dark areolae.

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Or alternately ... "Lascivious literary license leaves little to those of limited libidinal alliteration." ;-)

Couple of shots I REALLY like in this set: #70 - love the coy little smile and the overall pose; #s 38-40 - another couple of coy little looks - not a huge fan of the "crossed arms/squish 'em together shots" but like the way this one works for her.

My only compositional suggestion Mr. Arkisi (if your monitoring) is that, in frame #39, if you had just moved a trifle to the right or had Lilian lean forward just a little you might have had a wonderful shot of Lilian's perky little nipple juxtaposed against the bright wall light behind her ... just a suggestion ... overall though, a great set of photos. Lilian seems to warm up to the camera like a natural.

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