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is there something wrong with this set? Most of the thumbs are x'ed out boxes. Some in Oct 30th also.

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What a fucking rip-off site!! The size of your sets, so miniscule they're a fucking insult, and not worth anything like the $40 pm I'm paying to keep abreast of my favorite models.

Your largest set was of 100 images (once), the smallest of 40 (often), with your mean, and I mean MEAN average is 60-70 (generally), images in total!!

You are a cheating piece of shit, Arkisi, creating this Eternal Desire website, and delivering fuck-all.

ANY girl, with a pussy as livid as Linden is in ALL of her sets, would be showing LIQUID proof of her enjoyment and arousal. Instead, her pussy is as interesting as last-year's dried-up old prune.

Photograph HONESTLY, arsehole!!

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Your work om M-A is exceptional, proof is in the seldom equaled beauty of the models you have introduced recently, two of which, have joined my Top Ten Models, by-passing both my 2nd Top Ten and the 102 members of my top 100.

It's blatantly obvious, your models love what they're doing and where they are. Obviously comfortable, relaxed and liking their surroundings and support staff. And on M-A at least,, ready to off-load:-) Why not, then, here on E-D????

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First of all, thank you, Rich for your comments at MA - they were (and are) very precious to me. And thanks for joining my site. Sorry about the size of sets - at the moment ED is not yet profitable enough to make full-sized and launch every day the content . Not all depends on me but also on my partners - MA network., their promotional skills. Remember, it was opened just since May this year.

Personally I prefer smaller sets - 60-80 frames, the idea looks more evident, models are less tired and set becomes cleaned from boring repetitive shots.

About models - here you will see models whom MA rode off. Because of their low rating. They will NEVER appear there. Linden is example. But I will continue to shoot her because many people (who understand something in wooman body) want to see her again and again!

If you have any more questions - please write me and I will be glad to answer your questions.

More sets of our models on the MetArt Network: