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Wunderschön, sie ist ganz nackig, mein Spatz ist ganz steif und steht steil hoch...

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Without Imagination compared to other sets with Loretta.

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Tch tch

Young, slim, pretty girls like Loretta don't need control-top "granny panties." They're not fat, so they don't need control top panties, which are designed to slim heavier women's profiles. They're not old, so granny panties look ~ not right ~ on them. Panties and thongs look great, but control top lingerie and granny panties don't look right on young, slim, pretty girls like Loretta.

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Other than rambling on mindlessly about "control-top 'granny panties'" in no less than 63 words, how did you like the set? ;-) Did you notice the color of Loretta's eyes? Does she even have eyes? Colors of the clothing she was wearing (hint, it's a shirt)? Was she smiling?

Sheesh! When you go off the deep-end on something, it's a really short walk for you ain't it? ;-)

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@ FURRY...

BTW... if you ever got past the first page and those "offensive" panties, you might have noticed that there are 5 GREAT portrait shots of Loretta on the second page of the thumbnails (3 of which are really, really outstanding - way to go on those Arkisi - more like that will always be appreciated - at least by me).

I'd even go so fas as to say that, were you there assisting Arkisi and Loretta said that she needed some "help" with her clothing, you'd have bounded right up there like a kitten chasing a ball of catnip-smelling yarn. Maybe she wore them as shock-value just for you! ;-)

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BTBTW... ① What if Loretta LIKES these? They're her _favorite_ panties. She loves the way they feel. ② If you looked at ONLY frame #18, I'll be willing to bet that you would have something favourable to say about them - the way they "gently cling to her marvelous bottom" or some such.

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Goodness, Arkie!

If they're Loretta's favorite panties, well, she's quite entitled to like them, I'm not saying she shouldn't.

I'm speaking solely of my personal view of erotica here. I'm not judging Loretta. I'm saying that a young, slim woman like Loretta shouldn't be presented IN EROTICA wearing control top panties, because they are designed to make a heavier woman look slim, and Loretta is already slim. And she shouldn't be presented IN EROTICA wearing granny panties, because granny panties are for old women, not for young sexy women like Loretta.

Sorry to have touched a nerve, brother. If it seems to you that I've gone off the deep end, well, you're quite entitled to that opinion.

For what it's worth, my friend, I'm glad you like the set! (: I'm glad it does for you what Arkisi and Loretta intended. (:

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p.s. Whatever my opinion of the set itself, the point I wanted to make was about the styling and not the set.

And whatever your opinion of the set ~ and, like I said, I'm glad it's a high opinion ~ it is not going to change my opinion of the styling. (:

Two different people, two different (but equally valid) opinions.

?Comprende, mi amigo? (:

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Gee... it's sure is FUN pokin' the bear (however much he growls).

I was just tryin' to get a rise outta you ;-)

With respect to my second (or third) post - I'm old... I get kinda lost real easy... what did you think about frame #18? I know what I saw when she turned around wasn't at all what I was expecting. But don't they look soooo comfy? Like something you'd like to rub your cheek up against? Kind of a "cheek-to-cheek" kind of thing. ;-)

And nones comprehendes senior y senitorita.

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Ha ha! Yeah, you definitely got a rise out of me, didn't you? (;

Actually... ironically... I agree with you about frame 18, but that's because her shirt is hiding the top of the panties so they don't look like granny panties! (:

But for what it's worth, I was 100% sincere that I'm glad you really like the set. (: Arkisi does a great job, and so does Loretta. What a woman!

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I'll tell her :(

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BTW sir... you did a movie of Loretta a while back entitled "Motela". I didn't watch it, but I thought the cover thumbnail photo was excellently done. Please tell me that you have a set of still photographs buried somewhere waiting to be uploaded.

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The covers "Motela" were made directly from the movie frame because it was shot with extreme quality RAW format. Resolution is little less but the color and light grading are the same as for photo stills as you may see. But I also have some photo sets of Loretta and show them soon.

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