Eternal Desire
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I really must find time to come here more often again, it's only my time constraints, not for any other reason.
I really like this set, it has a edgy feel to it, with the lighting, a tad bit more contrasty, Mila's looks adds to and follows through with the edgy theme. It's a bit different, creativity a tad out of the norm, and that's a good thing, for it shows a good working relationship between model and photographer, and a willingness to reach further and do something a bit different. Looking forward to "Secondly" ; )
Cheers Mila and Arkisi !! : )

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MILA you are always a 10+ in my heart, but with this set I can only give you a 9. Why, you stayed dressed the entire set, you denied me the pleasure of every smooth pink curve of your magnificent figure. I still love you, and I know you are trying something different so why not try talking on the phone and pleasuring yourself with a toy and have bubble thoughts in each frame like you are talking then at the end say sorry wrong number.

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Really cool idea but this was just her the FIRST set with it's rare approach to fashion :)

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