Eternal Desire
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You know when your parents used to say "Don't play with that. Don't go over there. Don't do that."? I should really turn the "USER TAGS" off. Whomever posted "implants really sucks[sic]" has never had any actual "hands on" experience with normal human female breasts. Sad...very sad...

Again Mr. Arkisi... very nice use of mixed lighting with Nancy's normally pale skin and natural blonde hair.

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Agree, they do not know how they look like((

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well, they (the implants) don't look like Nancy's nice bossom. Which is a good hint what not to look for.

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Perhaps there is no such thing as absolute perfection. But Nancy A comes pretty darn close in my book. To see her in such erotic glory deserves a 10. My jaw is on the floor with this set. :)

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I agree 100 %. Nancy has been a favourite for a long time !

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