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Nancy is a miracle... she is fabulous

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Nancy can masturbate any way she pleases, and I would be happy to watch. Even happier to participate but of course I am dreaming.

She is one of the lovliest women I've ever seen. Add to that her willingness to show us all of her and sometimes in a nasty way, makes her a world treasure. She induces such hardness, it almost hurts. :)

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that smile!

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Before I discovered MA I had subscriptions to some ink on paper porn mags and one of the frustrating things was that the models were beautiful but too many of the shots were ruined by fingers. I hope that most of your shots remain finger-free in the future, Arkisi, the fingers in this set were beginning to get annoying. Not Nancy, but too much obstruction of the view.

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actually, I like the fact that there is some finger-action going on. MA for the nice softcore Nancy, and ED for the naughty Nancy.

A nice balance, IMHO.

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Try to discover MA further - there you won't see any fingers ever :) But I'll tell your wishes to Nancy, may be she will learn to masturbate mentally...

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Ahhh ... this didn't strike me as a full on masturbation set, Arkisi, it struck me more as a masturbation-lite or masturbation-ish set. More of a simulation of masturbation than actual masturbation.

Masturbation photosets don't work very well for me, though I enjoy a good masturbation video. There's just something that doesn't come through in still photos that does in video, IMO.

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