Eternal Desire
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I love how the light and the shadows play with Niemira's curves. For me, it's a lovely set. I've said it elsewhere, there's something very fragile in Niemira's attitude and gestures and the light highlights this. Very sensual and delicate photoshoot.

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wish there was a way to vote for the model and also vote for the set, separately.

I'd score the model as a 10, and the set as a 4. Not a fan of shadows and dim lighting.

Where's the pink ?

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If you go to the model's home page (by clicking on the hypertext link of her name next to the word "FEATURING") you get taken to the model's "home page" where your vote is registered as an overall vote for her - regardless of your likes or dislikes for individual sets.

By voting on THIS page, you're registering your like/dislike for THIS particular set.

But you can't split your votes like a 10/4 on a given set. Answer your question?

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