Eternal Desire
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Between her fourth and fifth galleries Nola got some ugly tattoos. I detest tattoos and rate 1 to all models who have them. One act of carelessness lowered Nola from one of Arkisi's best models to one of his worst, ratng down from previous 10 to 1, her body now ruined for life. I decree the Chinese water torture for whoever put the tattoos on Nola.

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A very nicely done shower set with another one of the up-and-coming "hard bodies" appearing hereabouts.

Curiously, the expression in #28 lends itself to my thinking Nola was having a bit of fun doing this.

An also equally curiously, frames #38 & 39 allude to the thought that maybe Nola was having a bit more than your normal, everyday "fun" in the shower. Thanks for those!

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