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A very happy New Year to all the models who choose to work with Arkisi. Thank you for your work thus far and for the even better work I know is going to come.

A very happy, productive and prosperous New Year to you, Maestro Arkisi. Thank you for creating a work atmosphere that allows and encourages these women to express their sexuality so freely and so powerfully. Thank you for the artistry with which you capture those expressions.

Thank you for a very fine 2015. Best of luck in 2016 as you continue to mine the fantastic Ukranian gene pool (and its equally fantastic neighbors). Greetings from the USA.

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Thank you very much for your words! The same Greeting to You!

We work hard making this site better and won't stop on this way next year!

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Beautiful girl with a sensational ass and very well presented

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Oh, cabelo preta bonito. Eu só quero que você deixá-lo vir aberto. Eu quero ver alguns rosa, querido doce senhora!

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Arkisi, you have me confused and annoyed. Riccarda is gorgeous and I'm glad you featured her today. However, you have her start the set out in a gorgeous pair of sexy stockings ~ and then, immediately, you have her remove them.

What is the point of the stockings if they are removed immediately?

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Wrong. Riccarda is engaged with stockings for 47.76% of the set, which hardly qualifies as 'immediately'. (I think Arkisi nailed it: you started on page 2.) What about those of us who were sitting here grinding our teeth wondering why it was taking nearly half the set for Riccarda to get completely naked? I'm kidding, but, you know, not everything merits a comment. And when you comment on everything, habits and prejudices begin to appear and to dominate. Then you become white noise running in the background, ignored by one and all.

Best to you and yours in 2016. As the Brits say, "Keep your pecker up!"

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mmm... may be you began with the 2nd page? =))

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