Eternal Desire
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I have to add... Selina to welcome you , A song comes to mind. An Eric Clapton song, "Wonderful Tonight"
It certainly fits how I feel, I'd leave a youtube link, but not sure I can or is allowed, but is a lovely song to match your grace and beauty.
"Oh my darlin' you were wonderful tonight..." : )

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Arkisi !!! Magnificent presentation !! I love Selina, an exceptionally beautiful young woman, I loved the lighting in this set and the many wonderful poses. Selina's beauty, and your photography were a perfect match, so much so, that when I got to the end of the set, I just wished it could have gone on and on.
Selina is a keeper, lovely girl, absolutely gorgeous, keep more and more of this beauty coming Arkisi. :)

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A stunningly beautiful young lady with a hint of innocence that is a tremendous turn-on. Just soooo appealing.

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