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I love mirror shots!

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Annis, and then Serena, in the same week! This is shaping up as the best week ever on EternalDesire. ( :

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"Time keeps on slippin' slippin'...into the future..." LOL

Annis was last week fer... Do you have a time-warp thing going on...?? ;o)

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Hey, it's within a 7-day period, but if you insist on being pedantic.... ( ;

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Insist I do! "in the same week" can have only one meaning fer... If your birthday is on a Thursday, and mine is the "next" Wednesday, would you say that our birthdays are the same week...? ;o) And quit makin' me look up those fitty-cent'rs!! boy! LOL :oD

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Yes, of course, the following Wednesday is within 7 days of the previous Thursday!

Now... to be sure... one CAN be referring to the Calendar week, in which case no, those two birthdays are not in the same week. However, if one is simply referring to "a week" as in "a time period of seven consecutive days," then yes, they are within a week of each other.

This looser meaning of the term is of course the term I was referring to.

As for making you look up fifty cent words.... yes, you can thank me. I'll explain...

Last semester I returned to school for the first time in a decade, and within half a semester, mentally/cognitively, I already felt a decade younger than before I'd returned to school. Being forced to use one's cognitive faculties to learn new things keeps our brains young and even rejuvenates them. So, yes, you can thank me now. You don't have to pay me anything, I'm just "paying it forward" myself. LOL

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Whadda guy!! I'll keep ALL that in mind...;o) (if there's any room left in there!)

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Ha ha! Long past time for some mental spring cleaning, Rock!!

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