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YouTube has videos of these folks too.For free.Getcha self a portion.Top entertainment.

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A thought about music has just popped up,and recently I have been fortunate to have come into my possession some top tunes that may very well entertain the lovely Serena,before she spends all of the money she earned here on shoes.All modern happening music too - new artists,top of the range productions. All on iTunes.
Dirty Loops are a trio of young virtuosos from Sweden,and are wowing auduences and musicians alike with a very unique sound - The recent cd 'loopified' has some fabulous moments of dazzling playing from all three,and the vocalist has a range and tone I have never before encountered. 3 spring to mind for appraisal - Undo,a single,and Sexy Girls and Wake Me Up from the cd. There's more of similar quality on the disc.
Knower are an American duo with a heavy hitting sound in electronica and funk,again very virtuosic,and Genevieve Artardi the singer has a sound all her own -Hanging On,What's in Your Heart,Time Traveler,and the multi-instrumentalist male half Louis Cole has a beautiful piece on a separate release called Grains of Sand.
Zedd is top kiddie right now in electronica/pop,and busy writing and producing all over the place.A classically trained pianist from Germany,he really knows how to manipulate synthesizers and the likes and write catchy tunes,and the 6 of the best are 'addicted to a memory' 'illusion' and 'papercut' from True Colors' and 'spectrum' 'clarity' and 'fall into the sky' from Clarity. Dance to it,or just enjoy to listen...all great stuff. Have a lovely time.

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Very sweet very lovely.Super smile pretty pussy.Top girl.
Arkisi - thank you for some of the best videos and galleries so far discovered in the MA operation. My sub for two months expires tonight,and I must take the opportunity to express my appreciation.
Nicely done in all aspects of video and still shoots,and I'm especially happy to have a video of Zarina,as she has usually only galleries.Splendid! Thanks be!

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