Eternal Desire
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Were I a poor pooch with my leash tied around a post of the front porch, I would have snapped my neck in an instant when Yarina walked by, especially dressed like this. (Even as I write this, I have a tiny bit of spittle trickling down from the corner of my mouth.)

What's not to like about this set - Yarina's long-looking legs, her wonderful all-over tan, the overall mix of indoor and exterior lighting, the overall brownish color tones carried through Yarina's skin color, her hair color and her leopard whatever-she's-wearing thing. Those combined with a couple of historic-looking poses, i.e. #s 2, 5, 9 & 15, Gawd ... I have to stop ... I'm drooling again.

Thanks Arkisi and you too Yarina.

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