Eternal Desire
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Simply phenomenal. Those succulent nipples and that perfect pussy. PLEASE bring her back again and again. Video next time please. I could never get tired of seeing this beauty. Easily one of the hottest girls I've ever seen online. Yes, THAT HOT. I need to see more.

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She is absolutely incredible, beautiful face, love the different expressions, incredibly mouth watering breasts and erect nipples, perfect pussy and an absolutely flawless bottom, wow.

  • 2

Her "lower '40'" not withstanding, to say Yassa's nipples are "erect" is a gross understatement of obvious fact. They're just spectacular to use a less-than-perfect description - they practically beg to be gently rolled between finger and thumb and lightly nibbled and licked!

Love the choice of lingerie - seems to work well with her fair skin. And the marvelous dark hair frames her long, oval face almost perfectly. Nice gene pool there.

My only wish is that she'd smiled more. The couple of shots with her smiling make Yassa's face light up even more.

This is a ride I'd certainly by tickets for multiple rides and eagerly wait in line for.

  • 5

Good heavens, that has GOT to be THE perfect pussy!

Yassa's gorgeous, Arkisi... I hope you have plenty of sets with her, and a film or two also!

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