Eternal Desire
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Really liked what you did with this set - even with the "limited" abilities of Ms. Zelda's photographic experience. ;-)

Wish you'd been able to do something with her in this set/lighting combination vis-à-vis showing her in either street clothes or lingerie as in ANIMA, MEIDEMA or NAVNET posted over on . Too many sets leaving these out.

Other than that, really nice work with a great subject matter.

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Feedback from a happy viewer, just wanting to share preferences with Arkisi. It's wonderful that Zelda opens up her sweet moist vagina for our viewing pleasure, but to me the best angle is #25, but alas her vagina is out of focus. For the close-ups #26 and #27, the camera position goes way down... perfect for anus lovers, but a sharp version up close of the angle in #25 would be MUCH appreciated. Then I'm grateful for #43 which is a better pussy view. In my humble opinion, of course.

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