Eternal Desire
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Arkisi, Zola is a WINNER. (: I hope you shot plenty of material with this amazing woman. She's so pretty and absolutely flawless.

I would like to have seen some shots of that sexy lingerie and especially the pretty panties before they were removed ~ from in front and from behind ~ but otherwise this is a great set. I think you should introduce her on MA, she'll be a hit there and we can "advertise" again. (:

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i, much like you, enjoy seeing most models in some form of clothing and/or lingerie in their sets, especially the introductory sets where a model appears to be just learning what she's doing and what's going on in shooting the set.

In this set, Zola's got that whole "Oh gee... this is fun." kind of thing going on - or maybe it was just the music while she was being shot or what was being said during the shooting - jokes and such.

I like seeing shots like frames #s 18-19 - all too often you see a model sliding her panties down a delicious derriere of down her legs and then BAM! - they're off - as if they magically disentangles themselves from her legs.

i've mentioned it before but I think it bears repeating. One of the sexiest shots i ever did was just of a model's lower leg & foot with her panties dangling from her ankle. Nothing exposed except her lower leg, ankle and foot but it leaves a lot to the imagination.

My only minor quibble with this set is the color of Zola's bra & panties - what with her pale skin - they practically disappear in the frames.

Other than that, Zola seems like she genuinely had a fun time doing this set and I hope Arkisi has plans for lots more sets.

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