Eternal Desire
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Fairest daughter of love,
I am a slave to your charms;
with but a single word you could
relieve my every pain.
Come, touch my breast and feel
how my heart is racing.
- Giuseppe Verdi, Rigoletto, Bella figlia dell'amore

One look into your spectacular sapphire eyes Zsanett and I became a helpless slave to your charms. How my heart pounded with picture #25! You surely are la bella figlia dell'amore.

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Oh, to unfurl those beautiful pussy lips of Zsanett's. So very pretty.....................

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A wonderful set of one of my favorite women. Zsanett has one of those marvelously lithe little bodies, and when she does those finger-sucking poses, it drives me nuts ... "NVTS!" (pardon Mr. Brooks).

BTW ... the subject matter aside ... really like the way you handled the lighting on the last two images Mr. Arkisi.

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Thank you from all of us!

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