Eternal Desire
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The Jewel Box Cluster is a sight to behold, but nothing is as heavenly as looking into Zsanett's beautiful blue eyes. Picture #61 is exquisite.

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Poor set little exposed to enjoy

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What happened? May be you dimmed off your monitor?

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You sir, have the unenviable task of finding new ways to present this wonderful woman to the world so that most, if not all, of the members find something they like.

Kerby's comment , while s/he certainly has the right to make it, provides scarce little input for you as a photographer and Zsanett as a model to go about providing something of a greater interest to them.

I've always thought your work with her particularly hard with those mesmerizing blue eyes and slightly evil, impish grin she sometimes sports. A face that fights for a viewer's attention, at times, even moreso than her wonderful body.

Keep presenting her the way you do and you'll scarcely have any unhappy members.

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